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How your immune system can help you fight off cancer

Having a vaccine is going to be a good idea in order to fight off infection.  Using the different kinds of vaccines that are out there to help with certain cancers is a great new thing.  There are many different things that you can do to make sure that you are getting the right vaccine for your health.  The cancer vaccine might be given from your own deactivated cancer cells or from extracted parts of the cancer cells that are done in a laboratory. 

Vaccines like this are only found in clinical trials.  When these vaccines are shown to be effective with the FDA approval they will be come ready for the public outside of the clinical trials. 

The vaccine is going to be given by injection underneath the skin.  Once your immune system is aware of the chemicals in the vaccine it is going to respond by making its own antibodies.  These antibodies are going to be able to attack and take out the remaining cancer cells.  If any new cancer cells appear the left over antibodies of the vaccine are going to destroy them.

Vaccines are going to have a good record of accomplishment in fighting many of the serious infections but they are also going to be experimental as well.  One of the problems is going to be the way that the cancer progresses.  It is going to start where your normal cells become different and they will start multiplying out of control.  There will be different variations to each of the stages. 

The cancer is going to have different parts to it.  The cancer vaccine that is given is going t have a limited number of antibodies against the certain cancer cell antigens.  These antibodies may not work against a different range of the new cancer cells that are developing.

The most effective vaccines will take on the bad cells and leave the normal ones in place.  The one thing to remember is that you have to catch the cancer cells as soon as they form.  This will make the vaccine with the cancer cell parts that are not shared with the normal cells.

There are so many researchers working on this vaccine to identify the problem of cancer in the early stages.  This may include the chemicals that would target the problem cells and then alter them enough so that the immune system figures them out to be abnormal and attacks them.  Having a good, immune system is going to be the best way to keep the cancer away and to make a person stay healthy. 

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