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Stress and the immune system

We have realized by now that stress is going to affect our immune system.  Many studies have shown that stress can suppress the immune system and others have shown that it will boosts in the immune system when someone is under a lot of stress.  There have been many studies showing this and many people are realizing what their body needs and what it can handle.

Stress will affect the immune system in powerful ways.  There are short-term stress problems that will boost the immune system.  It may seem that the fight response will promote the immune system to ready itself for infections resulting in any type of insect bite or scrape. 

There are also chronic long-term stress problems that will suppress the immune system.  You can eat a lot of vitamin C to help promote your immune system and to make you feel better about yourself and who you are.  It is going to matter what you are doing and how well you feel to see if your immune system is going to boost itself.

You can visit many different sites to help you better determine what type of help you may need for your immune system.  You may want to think about letting the stress go and being able to eat better and more nutritious.  The most chronic problems that you can think of can be the ones that hurt your immune system the most.  There are all different kinds of immune system functions out there and you will want to make sure that you are keeping yours safe.

The immune system of the elderly or those that re sick ware more subject to stress related changes.  There are many books and tapes out there that are going to be able to help you find what you are looking for when you are trying to make yourself feel better about who you are and what you are doing in life. 

The body is going to take a few days to mount a more specific attack on particular invaders with specific immunity.  The response will include lymphocytes the T cells and the B cells.  The specific immunity will have both cellular responses that will fight pathogens that are going to get inside the cells like the viruses and the humeral responses that will fight pathogens that stay outside the cells.  These are going to be such things like bacteria and parasites. 

The divided stressors will be categorized into different types: 

* There will be the time limited stressors in which the lab will challenge things like math and public speaking.

* There are also brief naturalistic stressors. This is a real work challenge like a test or evaluation.

Stressful events like loosing a loved one or a tragic disaster will raise to a series of related challenges that people know at some time in life will end.

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