The MOST Comprehensive Nutritional Protection for Your Immune System

Essentials Immunex® Contains:

  • 33 Ingredients (Immunex® Extra) in total All inclusive.
    • Optimum Formula – No excessive amounts of any Ingredients
    • Important Trace Elements – Selenium, Chromium, Boron
    • Powerful Antioxidants – Vitamin E, Lycopene and Lutein
  • Formulated with a large array of Clinical data to identify useful and well-studied ingredientsfor the Immune System.
  • Convenient once a day formula to reduce on your patient’s pill burden and improve compliance

Essentials Immunex®has been developed to contain a moderate level of33 different ingredients (Immunex® Extra) that have been clinically shown to be vital and useful in development and maintenance of a healthy Immune System.

Herbs for the immune system

Essentials Immunex® Helps

  • The short term – to help your resistance against infection and colds. It alsohelps replace the vitamin C lost during colds and flu.
  • The long term– to increase the body’s level of protective substances. Thishelps maintain the future health of organs such as the heart. Essentials Immunex® provides vital minerals to assist the body’s antioxidant enzymes,Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase (GShPx).


Nutrition And Infections

common cold


1:- Increased resting energy expenditure is increased

2:- Reduced food intake

3:- Nutrient Malabsorption and loss

4:- Complex metabolic alterations culminating in weight loss and wasting


Deficiencies of Vitamins (A, C, B Complex & E) and Minerals (Selenium & Zinc) needed by the Immune System are common in infected people

Deficiencies of anti-oxidant Vitamins and minerals contribute to oxidative stress, a condition that may accelerate immune cell death

Daily micronutrient supplementation improved body weight and body cell mass

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HAART improves nutritional status, independent of its effects on viral suppression and immune status.

Some patients still develop wasting while on treatment

Treatment side-effects such as nausea and vomiting may affect adherence to therapy.

Additional metabolic complications e.g. derangements in glucose and lipid metabolism, bone metabolism and lactic acidemia have been associated with treatment

Immunex® Formulation

Immunex® Original

Immunex® Extra

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are energetically unstable molecules, which can damage the cells ofthe body when excess are present. This in turn can lead to premature ageing of thebody and degenerate conditions. Free radicals are constantly generated during normal metabolic processes. Theyare also produced from chain reactions triggered by factors such as UV radiation,tobacco smoke and pollution. Free radicals are also present in some food items,notably polyunsaturated oils and fats

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Damage from free radicals can be prevented and even reversed if there aresufficient concentrations of protective antioxidant molecules

Antioxidant enzymes, including SUPER OXIDEDISMUTASE, CATALASE and GLUTATHIONEPEROXIDASE, are also vital to the body's defence. The actions of these enzymes are dependent upon thepresence of manganese, copper, zinc, iron andselenium.

Nutrients and the Immune System

Research shows that our diets often lack the specificnutrients required to maintain a strong and efficientimmune system. Fruit and vegetables are especiallyrich in the important antioxidants, but growingevidence suggests that most western diets do notprovide sufficient amounts. The official recommendation to provide adequateprotection is five servings of fruit and vegetables aday - but unfortunately this is not always achieved. In addition studies have shown that the antioxidantBetacarotene in vegetables can be difficult for thebody to utilise.

Immune system

"Antioxidant nutrients may prove to be of huge significance as preventative agentsin the human diet. The potential - both in terms of alleviation of human suffering andin the public health arena - is clearly enormous"

(Professor Anthony Diplock, Chairman, Free Radical Research Group, Guy's Hospital)

Advanced Nutrient Formula

  • Essentials Immunex®’s advanced formulation combines the very latest developments inantioxidant research, providing 33nutrients (Immunex® Extra) for the human immune system.

  • Essentials Immunex®’s complete formulation, at effective levels makes it the ultimateantioxidant supplement.

  • Essentials Immunex®from Lighthouse Healthcare is not just a standard `Selenium -‘product. While these nutrients are important, studies suggest that the full range ofantioxidant and immune system nutrients are more effective when combined thanstandard ACE-selenium supplements alone. For this reason, Essentials Immunex®contains the whole spectrumof nutrients, incorporating 33 nutrients (Immunex® Extra), based on the latest scientific research.

  • Essentials Immunex®is ideal for men and women of all ages and convenient to take. Just onetablet a day with or immediately after any main meal with water or a cold drink.

Background To The Formulation

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Selenium protects cell membranes through the action of the selenium-dependentenzyme Glutathione Peroxidase. This enzyme catalyses the reduction of hydrogenperoxide in cells to water. Hydrogen peroxide is a common intermediate in thequenching of free radicals and in high concentration is toxic to the body cells.

Selenium also enhances the immune response and is required for the prevention ofa number of disease conditions. It may also effect the rate of oncogenesis byeffecting the rate of DNA repair and the activation of enzymes.(J.Am.Diet.Assn. Watson et al April. 1986 Vol.86)

The selenium in Essentials Immunex® is present in its most utilisable form, selenate, ratherthan the less well absorbed selenite


Vitamin A deficiency is associated with increased risk of infections. Vitamin Aboosts the immune system by stimulating WBC activity and increasing the activityof antibodies

Essentials Immunex® has been formulated on the basis of the latest research to providea moderate amount of Vitamin A.

Villamor E, Fawzi WW. 2005. Effects of vitamin A supplementation on immune responses and correlation with clinical outcomes. Clin Microbiol Rev. 18(3): 446-64.

Betacarotene acts as a scavenger, blocking the damaging effects of free radicals inthe body. There is growing evidence that free radicals are involved in thegeneration of cancer, ischaemic heart disease, arthritis and cataractformation.

What is the immune system


Like other B-Vitamins Pantothenic acid is also involved in the breakdown of fats andcarbohydrates to produce energy. Vitamin B5 is invloved in the production of RBCs and helps inthe maintanence of a healthy digestive tract. Pantothenic acid may hlp utilisation of othervitamins like Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)


Vitamin E acts both within cellular membranes, protecting the cell from oxidative damage, andas a circulating free radical scavenger

Evidence from the latest antioxidant research carried out on vitamin E by a team from theA large scale nutrition intervention trial consisting of 30,000 adults in a rural area ofNorth Central China showed that daily doses of vitamin E, betacarotene and seleniumreduced cancer deaths by 13 % and overall mortality by 9 %

Vitamin E may cut the risk of heart disease by a third, according to two of the largeststudies ever undertaken. The American studies, involving over 40,000 men and morethan 80,000 women provide the strongest evidence so far of the protective effect of thevitamin

Having some oats for your immune system


Vitamin B6 acts as a coenzyme for nucleic acid synthesis, protein metabolism and cellproliferation. It also plays a vital role in both humeral and cell mediated immunity.(J.Nat.Cancer Inst. 1987:5, 951)


Play vital roles in the control of the human immune system. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) isrequired for the operation of immune enzymes, and also acts in the cellular membranes,protecting DNA from oxidation


Research has indicated that magnesium may act to inhibit newly arising tumours by preventingevents in the carcinogenic process, and/or by protecting anti-tumour defence mechanisms.(Carcinogenesis 1987 8(7), 1005). Vitamin B1 is of importance because of its combined action with magnesium in many enzymeactivities.


All required as constituents for immune system enzyme SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD),which prevents the formation of lipid peroxides. Copper and zinc are required by cystolic SOD,while manganese is a constituent of mitochondrial SOD. In addition, copper is a vital constituent ofthe circulating antioxidant enzyme CERULOPLASMIN

Boost your immune system


Necessary as a constituent for the vital immune system enzyme CATALASE


Iodine is a trace mineral required for proper growth and development. Iodine is mainly concentratedin the thyroid gland but it is also distributed throughout the body. Iodine deficiency may leadto hypothyroidism.


Chromium deficiency has been shown to contribute to impaired glucose tolerance and soto an elevated serum cholesterol. Evidence suggests that when deficient together,chromium and vitamin C have a highly synergistic effect in the elevation of cholesterol

Why Immunex® Is The Best!

Immunex®is reimbursed by more than 40 Medical aids in South Africa from chronic benefit

Immunex®isdispatched via ALL courier pharmacies together with other chronic medication to your patients

  1. Immunex® is the Most Comprehensive Immune System Supplement – 34 Ingredients in total, All-Inclusive.
    1. Optimum Formula – No excessive amounts of any Ingredients
    2. Important Trace Elements – Selenium, Chromium, Boron
    3. Powerful Antioxidants – Vitamin E, Lycopene and Lutein

Formulated with Background Clinical Data – Formulated with a large array of Clinical data to identify useful and well-studied ingredientsfor the Immune System

Once a Day tablet – Convenient once a day formula to reduce on your patient’s pill burden and improve compliance